Reikai Hall of Judgement: YYH Public Archives Project
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Botan takes you to the Hall of Judgement and leads you through until you reach the doors to an office. The doors open and you see a strange little boy with "Jr" on his hat busily stamping away at some papers.

Botan: "Welcome to Reikai's Hall of Judgement. The person at the desk over there is Koenma-sama. He will help you right now. Please approach the desk." *Botan leaves and the massive doors shut behind her*

Koenma-sama's working right now.

Koenma: "Hello! Are you dead? What? You're not? You're hear to learn of the Urameshi Team? Okay, but we're organizing the archives so that the public can view the adventures of Yusuke & Co. because of their show's re-airing in Japan. Only some parts of the archive are available right now, but check back later for more. Also, we were having trouble with our old server, so organizing our archives may take a little longer. *looks over to the side at a young Chinese girl* Oh, and this is Yi Lei. She'll be your guide around the place and the chair of the Yu Yu Hakusho Public Archives Project (as this is known). Please direct all questions and comments to her."

Yi Lei: *bows* "Welcome everyone! Koenma-sama has put me in charge here, so please enjoy your stay. I've been having some problems and I'm trying to give this place a new look, but I hope what's available now can help you. Allow me to avert your attention to the computer screen to view what is currently available." *points at the directory to the left*

Yi Lei: "More images and descriptions of the characters will be coming shortly. Some of the images of scenes from the anime were taken from Appleby-chan's site and another person's. (I really must put a links section up) I've made images of scenes from the anime (most in the archive are mine from episodes 78-82, 98-102, and the Perfect Files). I am pretty confident that I have taken down all the images not scanned by me, but if you think I have missed some, then please e-mail me."

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