Senkaiden Houshin Engi: Archives of Senninkai
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The Houshin Engi guys.
Youkoso! Welcome to my Senkaiden Houshin Engi page. It's similar to my YYH page cuz well, Koenma-sama let me out of Reikai to come visit Senninkai and fix up their archives. *sticks hand in filing cabinet and pulls out a bunch of dusty 3,000 year old files* Aiya~! I got my work cut out for me. *blows dust off*

Now looking at the layout, you'll notice it's pretty much the same as the YYH Public Archives Project and the Shi Jin Tenchi Sho Museum. That's cuz I used those pages as a template. ^^

Okay, now all pictures here were made by me, unless otherwise noted, so please don't take them without permission and if you do post them on your page, link me.

Now about the page. Well, less than a year ago, I got into SHE and I got a tape for my birthday shortly afterward, and bought another with birthday money, so I wanted to make a page for it. Plus I really LOVE Nataku! He's so cool~!!! I even made a shrine for him cuz I love him oh-so-much! You should probably expect mostly pictures, goodies, and whatnot of Nataku too since he's my favorite.

BTW, I just finished reading the original novel translated by Gu Zhizhong. Wonderful book! Fast paced and interesting, but lots of characters. Well, duh. It's supposed to have twice as many as Senkaiden Houshin Engi. Anyway, I'll have more info on the novel in the sections, but I really encourage you all to read it.

Lastly, remember people, I can't upload mp3s or else this site might go *poof*. If you have your own server or something to provide me space to put them up, I'll put them up, but otherwise no. If you're gonna find me space too, don't get a free page like fortune city that doesn't allow them and specifically says so in the TOS. Next, I'm doing the best I can with the pictures. I *DO* get Nataku a lot, but I've already gotten all the shots I can of him, so I can get more of everyone else. However, I DO NOT have the entire series or a lot of things to scan so I can't have a lot of everyone. For instance, I don't have the volume where Tenka comes in and Youzen just appeared in the newest volume I have. My screencap resources are also NOT the commercial DVDs being released as Soul Hunter. I screencap mainly from the original VHS from Japan because I can't stand to hear the dub voices in the DVD, and I'd have to listen to the dub because the subtitles get in the way for the Japanese one (only two options >.<). Because of this, it means that I probably can't get all the pictures you all might want since all the Japanese VHS cost like $70-$80 a tape.

If you have any comments or suggestions, you can e-mail me or just sign the guestbook. Thank you for visiting and please come back again. ^^

©Characters, images, and the like are all copyrighted by the respected copyright holders. Meaning this is a fan page so please don't sue! I made this as a tribute to your work!