Hi! Welcome to Feed My Soul! This is a site dedicated to Japanese music created by Yilei. Although, it is more specifically artists that I tend to keep track of a lot. The main focus will be on romanized lyrics and computer goodies. Please enjoy your stay!


June 22, 2007 - Olivia Lufkin's "a little pain" lyrics added!
Yup, added these too. It's a great day for lyrics, I suppose. XD

June 22, 2007 - Mahou Sentai Magiranger lyrics added!
XD So yeah, I added lyrics to the opening theme of Mahou Sentai Magiranger. Magiranger's like one of my recent guilty pleasures. I know it's *really* for kids, but it's freakin' awesome.

June 22, 2007 - GLAMOROUS SKY lyrics added!
So yeah, I like NANA and I like GLAMOROUS SKY, so I romanized it. XD Pretty easy considering I sing it a lot too. =3 Next up is probably some more NANA songs or other songs I karaoke to often, so I can already read.

June 21, 2007 - Layout Change Completed & Lyrics Uploaded!
So yeah, I finished the layout change and put up like 10 new lyrics. One was that "First Love" place holder that didn't actually have a link. Four are from Miyavi, one from Kagrra, two Utada Hikaru, one Kawabe Chieco, one Suara, and one Yonekura Chihiro.

June 20, 2007 - Layout Change
Well, I decided to update the layout because I haven't in a long time. The re needed to be a layout change. It was a long time coming, but I've been very very lazy. Here it is though!

August 1, 2005 - Kajinaga Daishi lyrics
I actually made these awhile ago, but I forgot I didn't upload them yet. I did romaji lyrics for everything that actually had a lyrics insert in his solo single. There was one song that didn't have the lyrics written in the booklet, and I'm not confident about doing romaji completely by ear. I'm guessing it's probably a cover of someone else's song though. I'll have to do more research to find out who's though.

August 1, 2005 - More romaji lyrics added from Miyavi's Miyavizm!
I added the rest of the lyrics from Miyavizm, so now we've got Saisaisainara Byebyebye, Ame ni Utaeba~Pichipichi Chapuchapu Ranran Blues~, and ROCK 'N' ROLL IS NOT DEAD!!!

July 31, 2005 - Romaji lyrics added from Miyavi's Miyavizm!
I added the lyrics for the first 5 tracks (and the 10th track considering the first and the 10th are actually the same song but split in the middle). So that's Sukkyanen MYV~MYV Koushiki Ouenka~, Koi wa Pushphone , BibaBibaBebop~Jinsei, Naki Warai~, Pop 'n' Roll Koushien (Baseball), and Ahou Matsuri -Aho Matsuri-.

June 7, 2005 - Romaji lyrics added for Miyavi and Psycho le Cemu!
I added lyrics for Miyavi's Papa Mama ~Nozomarenu Baby~ and Psycho le Cemu's Shibashi no Wakare.

November 13, 2004 - Page Created
Yah, the page was just made. It's got some stuff here, but don't really plan on there being a lot because I mainly created it for a place to stick all the lyrics I romanize in my free time.