Here's where you would find wallpaper and winamp skins...provided I made any. XD I usually make them more frequently out of anime and video game characters because frankly...real people are harder to cut out. T.T


1280 x 1024 JPEG

My latest wallpaper and a spin off my current blog layout. It's pretty.


1024 x 768 JPEG

Here's my first Miyavi wallpaper. It's alright, but it felt bland to me, so I made another one (see below). I felt like it wasn't emphasizing the same thing as the winamp skin I was making would've.

Miyavi (Sparkly)

1024 x 768 JPEG

Here's my second one. It's much more beautiful and has a stronger impact focused on the sparkler in his hand. Teh lub. =3

.Winamp Skins.
Miyavi // preview download

Weis Kreuz
Yuuki Hiro // preview download