Winamp Skins

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Older Skins (Ugly non-Photoshop/No EQ or PL)
Newer Skins

Welcome to my winamp skins page! This page only contains Winamp skins made by me and my sister and I'm very proud to say that they came out pretty good. ^^ It took us about 3-10 hours to do each one of them, and my poor hand will never be the same now.  *flops her right hand up and down* So, if you put them on your page, please credit me and put a link to my page.

If you want to see what I have planned next, look at my work order and my prep page. The work order doesn't go for my sister though, cuz she'll do whatever the hell she feels like and won't take requests unless you give her something because she doesn't really like to do it too much cuz she's kinda lazy. If you wanna send her comments though, they go here.

The work order itself I mainly wrote years ago. I still plan to do many of those skins, but the prep page will show you a better idea of what's coming up next. I edited the work order a little, but if you look on my prep pages, those images are basically all ready to go. Once I have the base, there's little to stop me from making them.

What are winamp skins?

In case you're, asking yourself this question (not likely in this day and age, but anyway...) Basically, they're groups of files that help decorate your winamp program with anything you'd like. For those of you who don't know what winamp is, winamp is an mp2/mp3 player. In the latest versions of winamp, you can use a skin without unzipping it. Just simply put the *.zip file into the skins folder in the winamp sub-folder which is probably in the Program Files folder. In even newer versions, you can change the end extension of the skin to *.wsz, which is a special winamp skin file that usually loads and self installs the skin if you click on one from a site. I usually like to leave them in zip format because I figure it encourages people to open them up and see what makes them tick so they can create their own. If you have an older version, you'll have to unzip it first and may even have to make a folder for the files. Remember, there aren't any mp3s or mp2s here. Just stuff to decorate your Winamp with and make it pretty instead of boring.  Anyway, here are the skins and I hope you enjoy them!

Note: All skins on this page are made for winamp 2.81-2.9~ and Winamp 5+. They're part of the "Classic" skins group. The modern skins are really hard to make, and they're often more fancy than they need to be.