Here we have fanart made by me or given to me by others. Unlike other pages, I'm not going to list everything out just because there isn't really enough here to constitute that and I'm not likely to make more since I've moved on to digital stuff. I'm not even sure if I remember where all the originals for these are.

- It's Bart Fatima from Xenogears. A sketch I made in high school one morning in the library waiting for class to start. It's alright. I consistently do a lot better with heads than I do bodies or anything else, and this is one of those examples. =/

- In my sophomore year of high school, we had a break day during history class. I was bored and made this just for laughs. It was inspired by the printout of another person's fanart featuring a Cloud voodoo doll.

- This was actually drawn by my friend Aysha and given to me on my birthday. For a long time I absolutely loved Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho, so she thought it'd be a great gift to give him to me. XD

- This is something I drew way back in 6th grade. That was a really long time ago and it was actually for a school project about pyramids. We had to make our own pyramids out of cardboard and decorate them. I turned it into a fanwork/fanfiction when I wrote the backstory for the pyramid. If I remember correctly, I made Hiei a young prince and I mixed in some Sailor Moon in it somehow and then the archaelogists that discovered it were from Magic Knight Rayearth. XD It's completely random, but it worked for the project and honestly it doesn't matter where the hell I pull the names from. Although, an important note is that I have no idea where the pyramid I drew this on even is or where the diskette with my backstory on it is. This picture itself was actually supposed to be a "painting" at the top of hte pyramid wall in which the hieroglyphics talked about the royal family. On the pyramid floor we had hardened molded clay that was glued onto it act as the artifacts within the pyramid. I can't remember much about those that I made, but I put in a sarcophogus and for some reason a giant palace that looked like the Moon Kingdom from Sailor Moon. Seriously, don't ask.

- This one was made one boring day in the library in high school. I just got my Perfect Files at the time, and at the back of one, it has how-to steps to draw some of the characters. This is what I got from following the Hiei one. You can still kind of see the guides on it from where I had to mark the eye position and such on the face.

- This I actually drew during a quiz in my Japanese class one day. I guess I was bored and waiting for the next question and for some reason something possessed me to bring my stuffed Ryo Ohki to school that day, so I decided to draw it. When I got my test back, the TA or the teacher drew the devil horns and tail on it. I thought it was hilarious and had to scan it, so I did.

- This is the Yukina piece for that same aforementioned pyramid project. If Hiei was a prince, Yukina was the princess. I couldn't separate the twins, so I did them both. Oh, and about the background coloring for both, it's just that I drew them on top of a watercolor wash that I added to try to make it look more stone-like. The drawing portion of the pyramid itself took about 6-8 hours. The pamphlet/brochure for the "tour" was another 6-8 hours and the backstory I probably wrote in like 4 hours. I was a hardworking kid.